Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon
Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon
Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon
Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon

Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon

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 Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon is an incredible new concept in magic and mentalism, combining a number of fascinating principles together to create a powerful, easy mentalism effect that finishes with an unbelievable eye-popping finale.

“Holy f***. That’s cool. It looks nuts.” 
Peter Antoniou - AGT comedy mindreader

You introduce a deck of picture cards you bought at a photography exhibition, shuffle it and give the spectator five (apparently random) cards to freely choose from - they remember a single target image, and you return these cards to the deck for them to shuffle. You then go through the deck as they concentrate on their image, taking out nine diverse images, hoping to hit the one they are concentrating on... except none of them are right. You ask them to name the image they were thinking of, and reveal that it was the top card of the deck all along.

You then turn over the nine candidate images to reveal that they in fact combine, impossibly, together, to form a larger replica of their chosen image. THIS is the Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon, a jaw-dropping reveal that is the definition of eye candy.

“I am so glad that Phill has FINALLY released the Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon! This has been a labour of love for so long and I will never forget the feeling I had, the first time he performed this on me. What a treat you about to experience!” 
Looch - Mentalism legend

The deck is structured for five completely different reveals (which, for the adventurous, are commonly drawn items, allowing you to explore this effect as a reveal for a drawing divination). The deck also comes with a double backer, a double facer, and two extra reveal cards - one person thought of the car and another thought of the dog? With a wave of your hand... the dog is driving the car.

The deck is also fully marked with my unique photo marking system, meaning you can easily tell what picture is one every single card, without looking at the faces, and it also has a robust and straight-forward system to allow you to perform the trick and make sure the mosaic is built correctly every single time.

“Phill Smith has hit an absolute home run with his FMP deck!!! He absolutely fooled the crapioli out of me recently! I had absolutely had no clue as to method and I never saw the outstanding and beautiful climax coming. Truly a masterpiece!!!”
John Carey - Card magic maestro

The performance of the trick requires no specific language so it can be performed in whatever language you choose (although the marks are in English.. if you choose to use them). The deck comes in a low-key tuck box advertising the photography exhibition, LUMINANCE, a collection by a famous (fictional) photographer. There is even a QR reveal on the bottom of the tuck box. 

This trick has been years in the making, an incredible fusion of art, perception, magic and technology. Welcome to the Fusion Mosaic Phenomenon.

(Special thanks goes to Craig Petty for his flawless suggestions, assistance and support in the development of the project. BTW the images shown here are a preproduction visualisation and prototype - the production deck will be a higher quality, and small differences may exist. The edit on the video is a bit abrupt but let's be realistic - you force five cards and they choose from one of them, then you take out nine cards from the deck, it's not rocket science, it's just a pain to show that in a video and keep it short!)