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Mythology Codex is the remarkable new work from UK mentalist, author and artist Phill Smith. This powerful, vivid book is an updated collection of his notable works to date, along with a whole range of brand new, never before seen material. Within its pages are updated contents from his revolutionary books Mitox, Yokai and Mokele, including the full work on the amazing utility methods Quinta and Interl8ced, plus the smash hit effect Stegosaurus.

Mythology is a luxurious 372 page full colour hardbound book packed with colour illustrations and over 80 hard hitting real-world effects and in-depth essays exploring the art of mentalism. Click >HERE< to read a full breakdown of the contents.

All books will be dedicated and signed to the purchaser - if this is a gift or you want a different name on the book, please email me at Because of the way that we produce the books and handle stock there may be a short delay between ordering and shipping.


A number of reviews for the book have appeared online: to find out more about the book please watch the videos linked in the gallery.

"A superb addition to your magic library, this beautiful tome on modern mentalism is a brilliant investment and comes highly recommended to the discerning connoisseur."
Ning Cai,
"I'm not saying you've got to buy it, but I'm kind of saying... if you're going to buy anything - this is it."
Steve, Real Magic Reviews
"Good, hard-hitting impactful mentalism. It's a great collection"
David, Magic Orthodoxy
"The content is pure gold. If you want entertaining magic and mentalism, Phill's the man for that."
Madison, Dorm Room Reviews
"This is an amazing book which anyone interesting in mentalism would be crazy not to own. 95%"
Phil Shaw, MagicSeen magazine