Neural Miracle hypermarked playing cards

Neural Miracle hypermarked playing cards

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In 2021 I developed a new technique for marking playing cards - a pseudo-reader system. This is a bridge method between coded decks, where the value and suit of the card are shown in some kind of code, and plain reader deck (like my OMS) where the value and suit are literally written. Pseudo-reader systems use a transitional code so the numbers and suits are 'written' but in a very simple visual language that has to be learned.

I had been working on this for a while and the system I eventually developed used this pseudo-reader system to build a 'hypermarked' card, a way of putting as much immediately accessible information on a deck as possible. This was built into the Neural Miracle deck, which was released as a Kickstarter project, but the deck itself is a technical tour-de-force that is now available as a standalone item. 

The back of each card shows the value and suit of that card, as well as the value and suit of the next 11 cards, the number of cards between this card and it's matching card, the distance to any ace, what card you can spell to from this card and, if you spell this card, what card you reach. This incredibly dense bank of information is encrypted using the pseudo-reader system so it is all immediately available, and, of course, totally invisible.

The design of the deck is intended to look like merch from a tech / medical company, the original presentation focussed on the electronic prop it came with, but enough people have asked if they can get the deck itself so here it is - it's an incredible tool to build your own extremely weird presentations with, and we have stock limited to around 250 decks. It's such a specifically Phill Smith item that it wasn't popular enough to warrant a reprint so this is it!

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