The Identity Deck
The Identity Deck
The Identity Deck
The Identity Deck
The Identity Deck

The Identity Deck

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 We are proud to present the incredible Identity deck, developed by Luke Hennessy and John Watson to make easy, personal fortune-telling and personality-reading style effects easy and accessible to any magician.

Each playing card in the deck has on its face a different personality archetype, a different iconic image, and a different background. The deck is rich with meaning, and perfect for combining visual magic with quick punchy personality readings.

The royals have as their faces the twelve signs of the zodiac, and the two jokers represent duality, being marked with up and down, yes and no, ying and yang. These layers of meaning allow you to explore the more esoteric metaphysical approach to magic in your performances, and to help you create miracles we have built the deck with a whole load of magical helpers.

The Zodiac royals
The Duality Jokers

"I can’t think of a better way to build your confidence as a reader than to use a tool that, not only looks like it belongs, but also has all the hard work done for you, thanks to Luke, John and Phill.

I have only recently added the deck to my Cold Reading lecture as I think it’s one of the best teaching aids available. Not only that, you’re gonna get a shed load of routines that the creators have supplied with the deck, so it’s ready made for magic, mental magic, mentalism and readings. Could one possibly ask for more, NO, not really."  - Mick Wilson

Top class magical features:


The deck is marked with our unique Constellation reader system. The cards can be quickly and easily identified from a distance, at a glance, meaning you can always stay one step ahead of the situation. The system requires no decoding or working out - if you can see the card back you instantly know the card - but it’s hidden in such a way that spectators will never spot it.


The deck arrives pre-arranged into our Identity Stack - a powerful easy-to-use stacked deck system that is based on Lewis Jones’ famous memory deck. To help make the system even easier the backs are also marked with the numerical position of each card in the Identity Stack, meaning you can always quickly get the deck into stack.


The large icons on the front of the cards are mirrored in the index corners, making the deck perfect for performing the classic book-break-peek, allowing you to immediately know what icon your participants are thinking of.


In the age of audiences Googling tricks the moment they see them, we wanted to add a layer of insulation to the Identity deck, and although our original prototypes were boxed as Identity deck, you can see from these photos that the production deck has a different name on the tuck box, one I won’t even mention here to stop it from being Googleable.


To help in using the deck the extra card in the deck has a personality crib on it so you can instantly jump from knowing what card the participant is thinking of to the personality on that card.

These all add up to a flexible magic powerhouse, giving you a rich toolbox of potent methods allowing you to create and perform hard-hitting meaningful magic that audiences love. We will provide a high quality downloadable instruction video that explains each feature and gives an example of a trick that we use it for.

World-class Quality:

We want to make these cards an instant classic for card workers looking for something *more*, so we wanted to make sure they were immediately familiar and comfortable for every use. To this end they are printed by USPCC in the USA, on their premium stock, with the world-leading USPCC linen finish.


Each deck ordered will be supplied with a card with a link to our instructions site - this is where you will find our tutorial material for the deck, running through the features and how to perform all our favourite tricks and routines with the deck, and a full lecture by noted reader Peter Antoniou on using the deck for real, authentic readings.