Mythology Codex resources

Thank you for your investment in my labour of love, the Mythology CODEX. Below are the links to the files that you will need to print etc. to produce the effects yourself.

Atypical Hybrid

This link is to a zip file of the three main images in high resolution jpeg format to be printed to whatever size you require.

Surveyor's Matrix

This link is to a pdf file of the personality test in an A5 format (so you could print 2 to an A4 sheet or probably 2 to a letter sized sheet for US wonks). The document has five pages: the first adds to 28, the next to 29, the next to 35, the next to 25, the next to 31. These are presented really only as an example - ultimately you can easily make your own with whatever numbers are required.

Five Steps to a Powerful Premise

OK not a download, you will need to get a red pen out for this one: go to the third paragraph on the left column, the fourth line up from the bottom of that paragraph: the first word on that line is 'should'. Use your pen to add n't be after the word should. Your copy of Mythology CODEX was the only one with this weird typo in and now you have corrected it it's value on ebay has reached unprecedented heights.


This file is a simple table showing the numbers involved in the Quinta force, as a way to make it mathematically more visually clear:

This file is a pdf with the 8 times table up to 64 with some mnemonical facts to help you lock it all in.

Just looking again at that Quadra thing. Does my nut in.

Itchy Kids

I forgot to mention that the land of Zog is legit and amazing and unbearably annoying. Feel free to email with theories.