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EDC Dice is an exciting, simple, self-working close-up mentalism effect that uses a classic method to create an exciting punch. You produce a small dice with, on each of its faces, a different item you might carry about your person. You have the spectator put each of the items on the table from their pockets - a wallet, some coins, their keys, a phone, a watch and a ring. This done, you hand them a card which they MUST NOT look at. You tell them to roll the dice, and each time one of these items comes up, they put the items back in their pockets - they repeat this until there is one item left. You then reveal that you made a prediction right at the beginning of the effect, but that the card you gave them is NOT the prediction. Instead, it is something you said, that you specifically told them to remember. They take out the card and look at it and it clearly unpacks your open, verbal prediction to PROVE that you knew the outcome of the random game before you even started.

EDC Dice uses a classic methodology combined with an exciting prediction and an intriguing physical prop, you simply carry it in your pocket and with the presentation detailed you can create a much larger, deeply memorable moment that ends with a crazy hit. The tiny box contains everything you need to learn and perform EDC Dice (except of course the wallet, coins, keys, phone, watch, ring and the piece of paper to write the prediction on but srsly come on guys).

The effect was a sleeper hit at Blackpool 2019, and is another intriguing prop and fascinating presentation that immediately hooks audiences. Stock is very limited so don't miss out.

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